Haines Index

Haines Index (also known as Lower Atmosphere Severity Index) is a measures of the potential for dry, unstable air to contribute to the development of large or erratic wildland fires. A Haines Index of 6 means a high potential for an existing fire to become large or exhibit erratic fire behavior, 5 means medium potential, 4 means low potential, and anything less than 4 means very low potential

Field Capacity

Field Capacity is the amount of water content held in the soil after excess water has drained away.

Wilting Point

Wilting point is the water content of a soil when most plants (corn, wheat, sunflowers) growing in that soil wilt and fail to recover their turgor upon rewetting.

Ground Heat Flux

Ground heat flux is the process where heat energy is transferred from the surface to the subsurface of the planet via conduction.

Soil Temperature

Soil temperature is a measure of heat energy in the soil. It influences soil moisture content, aeration and availability of plant nutrients.

Water Runoff

Water runoff occurs when excess stormwater, meltwater, or other sources flows over the surface.

Ice Cover

Ice cover is a measure of frozen water on the surface.

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